Towards Paradiso

Giardini Pubblici | Available from 27th June to 27th July

Towards Paradiso
concept, artistic direction, and direction Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari
with the actresses and the actors of Ravenna

music Luigi Ceccarelli

with Vincenzo Core electric guitar
Giacomo Piermatti double bass
Gianni Trovalusci flutes
Andrea Veneri live electronics
and with Mirella Mastronardi vocals

sound design Marco Olivieri
lighting design Fabio Sajiz
technical direction Enrico Isola

production Ravenna Festival/Teatro Alighieri
in collaboration with Teatro delle Albe with the extraordinary contribution Comune di Ravenna and Viva Dante 700

Prima parte
inizio ore 20.30 fine ore 23.00 (Canti 1 – 11)

intervallo 30’

Seconda parte
inizio ore 23.30 fine ore 2.00 (Canti 12 – 22)

intervallo 30’

Terza parte
inizio ore 2.30 fine ore 05.00 (Canti 23 – 33)

Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari have come up with an act of hope for 2021, the year of the seven hundredth anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death: their verso Paradiso is a one-night happening, from dusk to dawn, featuring the integral reading of the thirty-three Cantos of Paradiso by all the actors of their own company, Le Albe, and the actresses and the actors who work in Ravenna. verso Paradisopoints to their Cantiere Dante, to return in 2022 with a full staging of the Comedy,from the ‘dark wood’ to the dazzling light of Paradise, once again with all the citizens of the Public Call. Marco Martinelli will guide us through this project in a sort of diary, published online at from April 25 to the end of June, with contributions by various scholars and artists.
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