La notte del rap
Claver Gold #symphonic

Russi, Palazzo San Giacomo | Available to 26 July 2022

The Night of Rap
Claver Gold

Orchestra Arcangelo Corelli
conduction and arrangements Carmelo Emanuele Patti

original production Ravenna Festival-Woodworm

Claver Gold’s hip hop is a sophisticated mix of rhymes, a clever balance of passion, improvisation (in the best tradition of freestyle) and compositional rigour: live narration, urban poetics that moves from intimate, private emotions to encompass the feelings of a whole generation. After making a name for himself on the Italian rap scene with “street” rap and many indie albums, he joined forces with his friend and colleague Murubutu to tackle Dante in a joint album, Infernum.This work won the interest of the general public, captured by Claver Gold’s poetic juxtapositions where everyday life, the primary source of inspiration for hip hoppers, is combined with the darkest and tensest Nordic tales, now tinged by the full colours and unpredictable orchestral mix of classic strings, brass and woodwinds.