Fast Animals
and Slow Kids

Lugo, Pavaglione | From 15 December 2023 of 30 January 2024

Fast Animals and Slow Kids

Aimone Romizi vocals, guitar, percussions
Alessio Mingoli drumkit, backing vocals
Jacopo Gigliotti bass
Alessandro Guercini guitars
Daniele Ghiandoni keyboards, guitars, and chorus 

Carmelo Emanuele Patti conductor
Orchestra La Corelli

co-production Ravenna Festival and Mittelfest
in collaboration with Woodworm

Impetuous, electric and intensely romantic, FASK combine the energy and distortion of rock with the most poetic sentimentality. They tell of everyday life, of horizons that reach far beyond the walls of their “childhood bedroom” to embrace the beauty of their hometown, Perugia. Relying uniquely on the support of their fans, FASK have conquered the general public, from concerts in small provincial clubs to sold-out tours in large arenas. Now, for the first time, their ballads collected in a long series of albums, the latest of which, È già domani, was followed by a single featuring Ligabue, Il tempo è una bugia – are presented in sumptuous arrangements by the Corelli Orchestra, conducted by an experienced maestro such as Carmelo Patti.

The Programme