Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet

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Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet

Esteban Batallán trumpet
John Hagstrom trumpet
David Griffin horn
Michael Mulcahy trombone
Gene Pokorny tuba

music Verne Reynolds, Johann Sebastian Bach, James Mattern, Dmitrij Shostakovich, Derek Bourgeois, José Enrique Crespo

In an orchestra, the brass section provides sculptural power, verticality and solidity. But a brass section—trumpet, trombone, horn and tuba—can also stand alone and perform without an orchestra. Few orchestras in the world can boast a brass section like that of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which has long been known for its matchless brilliance and distinctive sound. For decades and generations, they have kept the tradition alive, offering a glorious display of skill in programmes that include surprising arrangements such as Bach’s Toccata or the movement from a Shostakovich string quartet, as well as brilliant pieces composed especially for this ensemble.

The Programme