Summer European Tour

Russi, Palazzo San Giacomo | Coming soon

Summer European Tour

opening act
Don Antonio
with Dalibor Pavičić
Ghost Guitars
Don Antonio guitar
Dalibor Pavičić guitar
Luka Benčić guitar, keyboards
Enrico Mao Bocchini drumkit
Gianni Perinelli saxophone, electronics
Danilo Gallo double bass

The state of the art of Tex-Mex music in the last three decades: this is Calexico, the duo formed by Joey Burns and John Convertino, who in the mid-nineties, already much more than just the rhythm section of Giant Sand, embarked on an instrumental rock adventure that was to reshape the mental physiognomy of Arizona, infecting listeners and encouraging disciples worldwide.
Don Antonio Gramentieri, the most international of the contemporary musicians from Romagna, has drunk from the fountain of their sonic wisdom, a place of imagination where languid melodies of eternal dusk unfold over boundless landscapes, hand in hand with a guitar that lulls and cradles, speaking a language that needs no codes.